About: The Fears and Nightmares of Stress and Anxiety


Welcome, to my blog. I have lived with anxiety my whole life. Stressing about many things I do, was a junior in high School. My mom always told me, you need some sort of help, you need some sort of counseling. So yes I was diagnosed two years ago, but now that I realize I have this crutch, I can confirm that I had dealt with it, since I was in at least middle school, but not everyone does realize this. There are ways to help this issue though. As an athlete I have learned that by eating correctly, sleeping in a good pattern, working out, and just keeping a positive attitude you can relieve your stress, and live without it. Sure, you can prescribe to certain drugs that help you with your problems, but what if you cant afford it. Maybe you can pay for a month of prescription, and then you can’t. You then live in the horrors of the stress, and the pain, until you can afford that prescription. Let me tell you, there are ways that are cheaper than drugs. Working out is free! You can do it whenever you want, and that’s not all I’m going to talk to you about. People deal with stress, and nightmares all the time, but they don’t realize they have a problem. I know this because I was the same way, only two years ago it was confirmed for me. There is no reason to be afraid, you can be helped.


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